Saturday, 11 October 2014

Heart Shaped Coconut Bath Bombs

Hi there my lovelies  :)

Since we've been entering the colder months and school has started their is nothing more that I look forward too than a warm relaxing bath at the end of the day.

Many people buy their bath bombs from the popular store called lush but unfortunately, this isn't available in Malta yet. So naturally I went hunting on Ebay and I found an adorable little store soapworkshop2012 which has bath bombs, candles, wax melts, dried flowers and all kinds of bits an bobs.

This was my first purchase so I just bought these coconut bath bombs. I just popped one in the bath and it fizzed (It's my favorite part watching it fizz) and it made my bath so nice smelling and left my skin so soft. The fact the are heart shaped is really fun for decorating your bathroom and look quite decorative. There are a variety of different scent such as chocolate, vanilla, lemon, strawberry and many more. You also get these in pack of 10 which will last quite a while for those long tiring days.

Do you like bath bombs? Would you try these ?

Ella x

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  1. Coconut is one of my favorite scents! I love bath bombs!

  2. Love everything with coconut. *__*
    Wish you a nice sunday...

  3. those sound really nice :)

  4. omg coconut bath bombs!

    i just posted a primark haul of which I would love for you to check out

  5. aww how adorable do they look? and I love coconut scented things too :) x
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  6. I've been having so many baths recently! I would definitely try these.

    Hannah x

  7. Hey, I love your blog and I'm following on Bloglovin! I love bath bombs and I need to try out this one. x

  8. I love how bath bombs make your whole house smell wonderful!, I can almost smell the coconut:D

  9. I seriously am addicted to anything coconut!! The fact you can get bath bombs in these is amazing!


  10. I absolutely love anything coconut. I'll have to try these out! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Fair-well xx,
    -Lauren Vandiver

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  12. I love bath bombs and I really want to try one of these :)
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  13. Coconut is my favourite scent - those bath bombs look soo good.

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