Tuesday, 17 March 2015

UU Hair Extensions

Hey Gals !

Sometimes in our life we need a little change. Changing up your look even by a little bit can feel like a drastic change. Spicing up your hair our hair is a big decision and  if it goes wrong our self confidence can get a huge hit downwards. Luckily hair extensions are a non permanent and non damaging way in how we can change up our look or even hide a questionable haircut while your growing it out. This could be by either lengthening, volumising or even introducing new colors to our hair. 

Hair extensions are easy to put in and will only set you back 5 minutes from your daily routine. Whenever I wear hair extensions I always feel like I made that little extra effort, and my confidence surges making me feel more sociable and lively throughout the day.

UU Hair Extensions offer a wide variety of textures to match every hair type and color out there. To view dark brown hair extensions like my color please click the link. Their collection consist of hair weaves, clip in hair extensions, pre bonded hair, tape hair extensions and micro loop extensions.

The length offered by the company ranges from 16 inches to 28 inches. In addition to this you can order from 70g of hair to a whooping 220 grams of hair. All at very reasonable and affordable price. This an excellent as everyone will find something to suit their needs for their hair.

Hope you enjoyed this post

Ella x
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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Things I Learned from Travelling Part 2 - Madrid

The Stadium
In February I went on one of the best trip of my life. I went for a week in Madrid as a Business School Trip. The trip was organised by the ASCS committee which they did such an amazing job!
In week's time I visited so many places and every day was an experience on it's own.

Some of the things I suggest doing when going to Madrid is

1. Going to a Live Flamenco Show
The Spanish are amazing dancers. They are so passionate in their dancing and boy are they loud! It really is a joy to watch .

2. Visit a Stadium
This is a must for any sports or football fan out there! We visited the Real Madrid stadium, and all the boys just kept starting and taking pictures with the trophy's.

3. Visit Madrid's Fun Park.
Taking a selfie with a peacock
The park was especially enjoyable, since February was it's low season we didn't have to wait in queue , so you can ride and attraction you want as many times as you want and not have to wait in line.

4. Go ride the Cable Car
You will freeze your fingers off taking pictures but boy isn't the view amazing!

5. Visit Madrid's Zoo
One of the best zoo's ever. They have such a variety of animals and it's a dream for all animals out there! The animals where super cheerful and funny too!

6.Go to Madrid's Snow Zone
As a person who lives in a place that never snows this place was amazing! So cold but skiing was so much fun! I fell so many times but I didn't care! Winter wonderland!

7. Go have Tapas
Tapas are basically small appetizers for those who didn't know! These are especially popular in Madrid. Very good, cheap and filling! You cannot fully experience Madrid without them.

8. Try the Paella
I tried two paella one from a fast food shop and one from a god restaurant and I would definitely spend a little more as the restaurant paella was so good an amazing I wanted to cry.

Keep in Mind

While Spanish people are super nice and helpful it was a challenge communicating with them since many of them only speak Spanish. On the other hand Spanish is easy to pick up so I was able to make head's or tails of what they where saying.

Clubbing is expensive. One drink costs 6-8 euro. While I don't know the norm in every country In Malta it's usually 2.50 for a drink.

The Metro is super quick and efficient, make use of it if it's too far too walk!

The Tax system in Spain is a bit strange. In a restaurant they list the basic price without including the tax so if it says it costs 10 euro you actually have to pay 10.50 something.

Hope you found this helpful! Ella x

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