Monday, 28 April 2014

10 Tips On How To Deal With Stress

Hello! How are you doing?

Since you're reading this post you might be going through a rough time, ( I know I am! Finals are coming up soon ahhhh !!) and are looking for some tips to make your life easier! If not..! Well you must like my blog :) awhh !
Poor old stressed out me

My Calendar
1. Print out a calendar and stick on an easy to see area. Write down any appointments you might have. Like meeting with friends, lessons and projects.

2. Get things done as early as possible. Try to get up a little earlier so you can get a head start on the day. No more sleeping in!

3. When you feel your gonna go crazy. Take a five minute break to regroup. Sometimes all you need is a breather.

Attempting to dance
4. Dance ! Yes I mean it Dance! Act a little crazy! I suggest Give it to me by Madonna. Always leaves me ready for anything afterwards.

5. Talk to someone about your stress. As for help. Their is no shame in it.

6. Have a cup of tea! And a little treat if you'd like :)

I'm no quitter ! 
7. Do a work out ! Go to the gym and vent out your frustration. You'll even look great afterwards!

8. Set realistic time frames for yourself too do a task. Don't expect to read a whole book and learn it one day!

9. Reward yourself. This could be from a nice evening out with friends or even a new dress!

10. Be assertive. If you can't manage something just be truthful and explain yourself to the other person why you can't do what he asked from you!

Well those are my top tips for unwinding! Please tell me if any of my tips where helpful to you ! Or if you have any for me please list them down below!

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