Thursday, 14 August 2014


This isn't going to be one of my normal posts. Life hasn't been the best to me lately. Everything from exams, friends, self image, love and work. On the outside I am a happy cheerful person, but  on the inside I just want to break down. I try and give my 100 % in everything but I'm prone to nerves, clumsiness and all this just puts my self confidence down. You see the people around you succeeding and you just keep failing. They have so much happiness in their lives and you are so tired  in doing your best and keep failing.

I don't despise people for succeeding for where I have failed but you just can't help yourself feeling like crap. Anyways if you are reading this and your feeling how I'm feeling just send me an email and we maybe can help each other out. 

Peace Out 



  1. We all go through this stage Ella, just remember that it will pass. You will be ok!

  2. I went through this stage a while back and after reading felt like I had to comment! :)

    By bringing yourself down you attract negative energy which in turn will make other things feel like they're unachievable….it's all a vicious circle but if you try and look on the brighter side and see what you have achieved instead of focusing on what you haven't you'll feel a lot better.

    By feeling better and looking at all the positives you'll attract positive energy and positive people, I did this and now things are looking up where I thought they wouldn't!

    Don't bring yourself down, everyone is beautiful and unique in their own way and we all have to help each other! :)

    Hope you'll feel better soon!

    Layla xx

  3. we all go through times like that. it always gets better just dont put yourself down and be patient :) dont be ashamed to cry if it makes you feel better, i know it alway helps me.

  4. I hope you feel better soon! Just remember that you're not alone and everyone feels down about things every now and again. This too will pass :) x

    Sinead - Dreaming Again

  5. Everything will be ok, I just want you to know that God loves you.

    Princess Audu

  6. we all go through times like this! just know that you will feel 100% again soon x

    ordaining serendipity