Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Ipod Shuffle Fourth Generation

Well hello there! Just a few weeks a go I decided that I was in need of a music player, so after searching the market for a while I decided on buying an Ipod Shuffle.

My baby 

What I love about is this little clip it has at the back. Which allows you to clip it to anything. For example when I go to the gym it is much more comfortable it being clipped to me rather than having to carry it around.
The Clip
Clips right in ! 
It also has a 10 hours battery life. Which I can confirm as promised! A cool function is the voice over button. This little button tell you the name of the artist and song. It has a capacity of 2G which is more than enough for me. Also included with the Ipod shuffle are very good quality headphones and an adapter to your PC or laptop which allows you to charge it and transfer songs.

Well that's all for now! Hope you enjoyed it! Leave a comment down bellow if you own one or are interested in buying one!

Ella x

Note: I have not been paid to this post. This is only suggestion on my behalf.